Rebuilding Tomorrow's Home forToday's Living 

  1. Design
    The Petry Design & Build process begins with an initial meeting to discuss the client’s needs, wishes and time table. The client’s individual and family needs, expectations and budget are discussed. Petry Design & Build Present examples of previous custom homes and remodeling projects that relates to the client’s new project.We specialize in designing our clients vision and utilizing our years of experience to produce a superior construction experience
  2. Customize
    After the initial design meeting the process continues with the customization of the new home or remodeling project. The project site conditions, permit requirements, insurance issues, project specifications and the selection process are discussed in relation to the individual’s project. At this point in the process a quote is completed for the project.
  3. Build
    The construction of the new custom home or remodeling process begins at this point. Communication during this time is the most critical component during construction. The constant flow of status updates and assistance with the selection process provides for a successful building process..
Satisfied Customers​​
"We engaged Petry Design and Build for a major renovation of our home that was built in 1967. The project included relocating the kitchen and a guest bathroom, expanding the dining room, opening up multiple walls, and redesigning the master bathroom. We absolutely love the design Alexis created. They were flexible and adapted to some of the surprises that arose once the walls were down. They finished on schedule, despite some of the unforeseen structural work that arose because of the age of our home. Dan was on-site almost every day, and we were able to discuss every decision with them throughout the project. We lived in the home during the renovation and found the sub-contractors to be respectful and to attempt to keep things as clean as possible. Dan takes pride in the work and responds to our concerns quickly. We are very pleased with the transformation of our home! We would use them again."​​​​
-Pat Ketsche-
"I wholeheartedly recommend these folks. Dan is better than his word and his work and subs are excellent. The design advice from Alexis was spot on. They are easy to work with and made a huge project go smoothly. I will use them again, and will refer my friends and family without reservation. Great job!!!"​​​​
-Joy Ballard-
"We had our master bath remodeled and it is absolutely beautiful. Alexis really understood the design we were looking for, and Dan makes sure it is all pulled together. It is beyond our expectations!
Looking forward to having our kitchen remodeled next year."​​
-Susan Lloyd- 
"Building a custom home is an experience and venture that’s unlike any other home buying or building experience. Our custom home built by Dan Petry  is an example of all around excellence from start to finish. From the very start of submitting our custom home idea to Dan he was always very up front, honest and punctual to all of our meetings. We had the opportunity to view two projects that Dan was working on to provide us more confidence in the final product he was able to achieve. Throughout the entire 5 months of the custom home building process, Dan provided weekly updates via email and telephone on the minor and major steps that were being completed. 

One thing we really liked is their use of local contractors and companies. This really resonated with us as supporting the local economy is how we all can strengthen our communities within. 

From small remodel jobs to high end custom homes; Dan represents a company and builder with integrity, excellent customer service and a final product you can stand by and be proud of. We couldn’t have asked for a better builder or smoother transition into our new home."​​
-Alena Evans-
"We had our Master Bathroom remodeled. We were going for 'remodel', but after talking with Alexis and Dan we decided to gut the whole room and start 'anew'. Best decision made. We now have a beautiful Master bathroom. Dan and Alexis were easy to work with, to reach and they listened to our ideas and concerns. When problems came up, they were handled before we even realized that there was a problem. Once, the electrician was missing a piece to a light fixture. I texted Alexis with a picture of missing piece. Within an hour or so she had gone to the lighting store and was walking though our front door with the missing piece. All of the sub-contractors were friendly, knowledgeable and professional as well. The whole experience was great and we would recommend LP Builders to others"
-Barbara Brown-
"From start to finish,Dan built me a truly custom home. He was always available by phone or email for clarification,discussion about the process,or to change something I didn't like. He gave me reasonable expectations about time frames, what to expect with inspections,and it made the whole process flow so much better than you would expect a custom home build to go. He is very friendly,professional,and builds beautiful homes. The quality is exceptional. I chose him because I wanted an energy star qualified home and my home passed above the expected qualification numbers. My energy costs so far have been low. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a builder!​​​​"
-Leslie Dandelion-
"Working with Dan and Alexis was a great experience. They were both very helpful in the design of our addition and were always available throughout the project."
-Larry & Carol Walls-
"In September 2016 my 90 year old mother decided that she needed a helping hand and no longer needed to live alone. We looked at assisted living homes and decided she could very easily live past her money. I decided that we should close in my carport and make her a suite with a bathroom and closet so she could have her own space. I also wanted a new carport added on. I asked around looking for a contractor to give me an estimate and ideas to see if this would work for our needs. A friend gave me Dan Petry's name. I contacted him and we met and not only did he give me an estimate but he also gave me drawings so I could visualize my new home. Mama and I decided that this could definitely meet our needs. Dan and his team began the process of getting permits so the work 

could begin. We ran into challenges with the county but he always had a solution. He continued to overcome the opportunities with the county all through the project but he delt with issues and brought me the solutions. You would never know an addition was done to our home. He did many personal touches that I would have never thought off. Dan told me up front that he believed in doing things right and he would never put lipstick on a pig and I can vouch for that. Mama has moved into her new home and she loves it. I 
would recommend Petry Design and Build to anyone."

​-Ann Bennaman- 
"​LP Builders is the best contractor! He's sharp, extremely professional and communicates well. It was a great experience, no hassles, no inconveniences and custom home completed with quality products as scheduled. He was easily accessible via email, phone, text and responded quickly with answers to questions. He's FANTASTIC and I highly recommend him!"
"Several unforeseen events had turned my life upside down and I would be by myself for the first time in my adult life. My three grown sons all lived 8 to 10 hours away. I was in desperate need of a home to move into within a 4 month period. I found a very old, run down, falling apart home that was recently listed as in foreclosure in the historic district of Senoia. Everyone thought I was crazy to buy it, however, I saw the potential it had. I knew I needed to find the right builder who saw what I did. After interviewing four different builders I decided on Dan Petry. A decision I have not regretted even one time. I could not have asked for a better builder to walk me though a life altering change in my life. 
This home was completely gutted out except for the nearly 90 year old hardwood floors which I wanted to keep. Dan was easy to work with and did what he said he would do. He was kind and thoughtful and “ON IT” at all times. Dan lends personal attention to detail and quality.
As this project went on Dan continued to be on site nearly every day, even though he had other projects going on at the same time. I never felt other than that my home was always a priority. From start to finish, Dan and his crew made me feel there was nothing they wouldn’t do. For all the last minute changes and countless questions, no one made me feel like I was a bother. They not only built me a house they gave me a home.
There hasn’t been a single day that I am outside my home that someone hasn’t stopped by to talk and comment on how amazing the home looks and how they cannot believe the change. I posted the progress on face book for my many friends to see this amazing and exciting transformation. A New York policeman friend of mine posted this which truly sums of Dan Petry and his expertise:
“I was curious from the start how this would turn out…seeing the initial photos, it was clear that an expert hand and a creative mind would be essential to see it through. The results are wonderful. On par with any of those TV home remodel shows that I am, unfortunately, addicted to…there is no feeling quite like the one when a project is completed on time, within budget and with such pleasing results…enjoy for many years to come”
I would without hesitation, recommend Dan Petry to anyone who is in the market for building or remodeling a home!"

-Cindy Harptence-