Petry Design & Build is proud to be a leading custom home builder and remodeler in Georgia. We take building the right home for you and your family very seriously. Our building process helps ensure that our client’s experience is both exciting and pleasurable

Phase 1 – Initial Meeting

During this phase we get to know more about you and your lifestyle needs. Tell us your hopes, ideas and thoughts. Bring clippings, tears out and pictures too. We want to see it all.

We want your new home to exceed all of your expectations, so we want to take this time to ensure that we understand all your exact needs and desires.

Phase 2 – Designing Plans

​​We offer a full in house Design/Build. Our design build process takes our customers from general ideas to a fully custom designed set of plans. The process begins with finding and/or modifying an existing home plan or designing a plan from the ground up to fit your lifestyle. Next, we meet with the customer to discuss all requirements, options, and details that they wish to see in their new home. We basically build the home on paper before starting constrction. Our process allows the customer to decide how and where they will spend their money, and eliminate or add options, square footage, or details to match their financial goal.

If you have already acquired a full set of construction plans from a 3rd party architect or online resource, we are more than happy to provide a full bid for the project.  Depending on your current status of selections and specs, we will create a plan to allow us to work with you to obtain all of the information needed.  

Phase 3 – Selections

We have a very strong relationship with our vendors and they will assist you during the selection process and help make this time both fun and easy.

Once the selections have been made, both the builder and client will date and sign the specifications sheet acknowledging that both parties are in agreement. We are a custom builder and know that selections can change during the construction process. When a final selection changes, we have the client sign a selection change order to ensure that both the builder and client are on the same page. The timeliness of these selections is imperative so that the construction process is not disrupted.

Phase 4- Pre-Construction

Once you approve the architectural plans and the budget pricing, we will then be ready to finalize the contract price. The contract will include the specifications, time to complete the home and the contracted price.

Phase 5 - Construction

Now that all the preliminary work is done, the excitement can begin. Our team will be in constant communication with you throughout the construction process.  Regular appointments and consultations will be scheduled between you and our team on site.
The selections are also a very important piece of the construction process.  We will re-confirm all of the selections that were made during our bid process.  You will have the opportunity to make adjustments to those selections if needed or provide the final approval.  The timeliness of these final approvals is imperative for our construction schedule.

Phase 6 - Welcome Home! 

Prior to completion of your home, we will perform a final walkthrough with you to ensure that the level of craftsmanship meets your expectations. Additionally, all of our homes come with a warranty.

We take great pride in our homes and want you and your family to be as proud of your new home as we are